"Hey, hey - I wanna be a prawn star"

So last week my little sister, Lucy, came up from Brighton to visit for a few days. Lucy, like me got the arty gene so naturally when she came up we spent a couple of days working on some collaborations. 

Lucy doesn't really have a speciality with her art but she is top notch at drawing, water colours and making pretty things out of old rubbish wrappers. Have a look at her Instagram account to see what I'm talking about. 

Amazingly, Lucy is actually going to India for a year in January to teach art. You can find out more about that and chuck a few quid her way here. 

So based on the fact that I have a stall at Chester pride in a week or so we wanted to paint up a couple of boards that we thought would be popular. After a bit of brain storming (and frankly some ridiculous ideas) we came up with 'prawn star' and 'sugar tits'. As you do. 

We were using dibond panels which have the benefit of needing no prep so it was literally straight to it. The plan was that I would do the lettering and Lucy would do that art work.

Whilst waiting for paint to dry I finished off a few other panels whilst Lucy had a good old experiment. 

Firstly with some crab Lino prints... using both ink and sign writing paints. 

Some mock up flowers from old Cadbury wrappers. 

Fish painted in glitter glue. 

All of which look great, I especially love that red crab print. Makes me think of crabbing off Cromer pier as a boy. 

Anyway, the collaborations. Despite Lucy being scared of ruining the panels it's fair to say she absolutely nailed it. That prawn is simply fantastic. 

Obviously we had to finish off the two days with the obligatory posey photos.

Here's to more collaborations...

P.S. These panels will be for sale at Chester Pride on 1st October if you want to buy one!