Spain & France Travels - Sign hunting, cycling and boozing

When times get busy the first thing to get abused is definitely my blog. I'm sure I start every blog post with something similar to this but it's the truth. 

Anyway, I've been here, there and everywhere this last few weeks. A few weekends ago, my good lady Francesca and I flew into Gibraltar (what a weird place - walking across the border to Spain blew my mind). We went to stay in El Puerto De Santa Maria, I did a previous blog post on this, with some friends. We stayed at a really quirky guest house and basically spent the weekend eating, drinking and swimming in the sea. Good times indeed

After that I traveled alone to Seville by train (it was 42 degrees when I arrived at 7pm), walked around a lot. I actually has Francesca's pedometer in my rucksack by accident and clocked up a whopping 12000 steps in 3 hours! Seville by the way is a beautiful place and definitely somewhere I want to revisit properly. After a long sweaty walked and a couple of beers in a park cafe I made my way to the airport to try and get some kip at the airport before flying to Bordeaux. Once in Bordeaux I had to get myself straight to the train station to get a train but had just enough time for a bit more walking, a coffee and a croissant. Again from what I saw of Bordeaux it is definitely a city I need to spend some more time in. Bergerac was the next stop and this is where I met my good mate Nick and his sister Sam, they own Gite La Fleurieu in Puy L'Eveque and oh what a place! I stayed here for four nights with the basic aim - ride my bike as much as possible. Well I say my bike, I hired one, a carbon one. France is an amazing place and I managed to clocked 270 miles and 21000ft of climbing in four days which I was pretty happy with. These miles do have a purpose than just enjoyment though - in August I'm attempting the hour record on a Liverpool city bike to raise some money for Macmillan as Nick unfortunately lost his dad to cancer last year and it was his Gite originally so it seemed pretty. I'll write more about this in the near future!

Anyway so France and particularly the Lot Valley where is was based is simply beautiful. Tiny French villages scattered across a rolling landscape of luscious green fields. And within these tiny French villages there are an abundance of old hand painted signs or ghost signs as they are often referred to. So many in fact that there were actually too many to photograph as I'd have never got anywhere on my bike if I had of done. This brings me to the real point of this blog, a chance to put up loads of photos of ghost signs from my recent travels....

France, I will be back!