Squirrel Signs or Secret Squirrel Signs?

Two blog posts in week, something must be wrong!

This weekend has been a weekend of catching up on life after a week away in Bristol and Cornwall - you know the dull stuff like doing 68 loads of washing, doing a food shop etc. But also some of the more interesting stuff such as updating my website, hurrah at last I hear you cry. 

Anyway, so, Cornwall. We were camping in Treen which is really close to Lands End. The more time I spend in Cornwall the more I realise what a place it really is! One thing that I obviously noticed on arrival at the campsite the signage was all hand painted and oh so sharp. On further exploring of the area I found all the local villages had a number of hand painted signs with the majority of them clearly being painted by the same person. The chap's name? Squirrel Signs. Based in Pendeen but that's all I know about him. I did try to ring him a couple of times to go meet him but I had no luck. Maybe he should be called Secret Squirrel Signs (boom boom tish!) If anyone knows any more about Squirrel please let me know!

Anyway enjoy some of his work...