Winter Garden Pop Up Shop

Wow! I'm stuffed. Just got back from a friends who cooked a full roast with some of the finest gravy I have ever had (it had bramble jam in it!) washed down with a plate of blue cheese, yummy. Anyway it's Sunday evening and a good time to reflect on this week...

So this month I'm 'popping up' for 6 days in the Winter Garden in Sheffield, google it as their website is crap and I haven't yet uploaded any better photos of the actual gardens *adds to to do list*. Sheffield Hallam, my old uni, have hired the Common People pop up for the whole of March and invited students and graduates to apply to be part of the 'pop up' for part of the month. I was interviewed and as a result I'm selling my wares for 6 days throughout the month. 

This week, Wednesday and Thursday saw me make my first appearance there and all in all I was fairly happy with how it went. It's a bit of a strange one as it is reliant on the footfall of the general public wanting to spend money on their usual lunch hour/ coffee break/ commute journey as opposed to a craft fair where people go specifically to spend money. For me though the pop up was far more than pure sales. I wanted to know that I was able to not only create enough stock to sell but the present it in a way that look appealing and that I was proud to linger by all day. Fair to say that both of those objectives were met. The second really important thing is that I can now add this to my portfolio and use it to present to other fairs and markets that I want to set up a stall at. Finally, probably most importantly is that this was a great opportunity for networking - meeting other makers, random people who dropped by and gave me cake and of course my good mates like Greg who popped down, bought even more of my stuff (thanks!) and looks certain to open the first Hairy Mitten art gallery when he moves house. I'll actually write a blog about the people I've met when I've finished my stint at the shop. 

I'll be there again on Wednesday 23rd, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st so if you're kicking around Sheffield please pop in and say hi. 

In other news, I have had a few commissions come through this week. One of which I'm really excited about as it involves painting a massive gorilla, keep your eyes on my instagram for the latest with that. 

Right, I'm off to lay down and wallow in a cheesey doze. 

Catch you on the flip side.