Spanish Inspiration


We've just got back from a few days in El Puerto de Santa Maria where we've been staying with a friend. El Puerto de Santa Maria is a small town close to Cadiz and is very Spanish in that it isn't your usual tourist trap. I don't want to bang on loads about the trip but I was interested in the different types of signage used in both El Puero de Santa Maria and Cadiz. 

There seems to be a trend for swirly font with pretty serifs. I found a few hand painted signs, nothing of the  Joby Carter-esque mind blowing style, but hand painted none the less which for me is always the best option. 

There is also a real trend for shops and restaurants to have a tiled patch on the wall which has been painted up. Some really top art work. 

Here's a few photos of the signage I came across. Some hand painted,  some not. Some good, some pretty poor but importantly I think there is something that can be taken from each whether it be a slight variation of a serif or trying to replicate a complete font. 

Now time to sketch out some letters and get my paint on.....