Dunwich Dynamo 2015

The Dunwich Dynamo, an overnight bike ride from Hackney in London to Dunwich in Suffolk.

It's fairly unorganised as far as mass rides go. Turn up, buy a map for £1 and off you go into the night. 112 miles later you arrive at the beach in Dunwich. 

The Dun Run, as it is affectionately known, attracts a broad range of cyclists. From blokes fully clad in Rapha gear on bikes worth more than my car, to hipsters on fixies wearing only a t shirt and jeans, to hardened touring cyclist fully panniered up and even people on bikes that don't look fit for 5 miles let alone 112!

This was my second year of doing the ride and it's fair to say I enjoyed it much more the second time round mainly down to the fact that I have ridden more miles this year so found it somewhat easier. 

Last year we hacked along all night, raced up every hill and tried to overtake as many people as possible. This year we approached it with a far more relaxed vibe; sit up on hills, don't get overly competitive and just enjoy it. This was helped by the fact that we knew that arriving at Dunwich wasn't the end, we still had to get back to Norwich. 

All in all, with our ride to Norwich station to begin with, we clocked up 173 miles. I have to admit I was apprehensive about completing that distance, especially as your mind does some weird things when you cycle through the night, but we came through unscathed, not even one puncture. Next year... 200 is the target! 

Here's a little video taken somewhere in the middle of Essex in the dark 

If you like stats and data here's the link to strava